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a new me


design + site supervision:  

Artemis Theodoridi

A reconstruction and modernization of a conservation building (dating back to 1910) in Athens city centre.


The design strategy was defined by the need to preserve the original architectural features of the facade of the building, the size, the typical decoration of the openings (entrance, windows, and balconies) and the colours wherever applied. At the same time, the aim of the design team was to redesign the four floors, the ground floor and the basement of the building, in modern office, retail and storage spaces, respectively.


So as soon as the building was secured in terms of its structural elements (new concrete slabs and columns, re-enforced baring walls etc.) a sensitive approach was applied in terms of the reconstructing techniques, the new materials, the detailing and the redesigning of the interior circulation.

The original interior gallery of the entrance space was preserved along with a common used new elevator and staircase that give access to a series of modern, fully equipped working spaces and ground floor retail spaces, basement storage spaces and the terrace, while natural lighting fled the core of the building through the original skylight. The building is 1.600 sq.m. big.

in collaboration with structural engineer Christos Kechris.







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