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cycladic minimalism


design + site supervision:  

Frini Yannopoulou

A client with love and appreciation to the minimalist design and to the Mykonian vernacular architecture.​

She wanted to upgrade her hotel in order to gain the ‘Boutique’ accreditation and redesign all rooms and facilities according to a 4 stars standard.

This hotel refurbishment was programmed to be executed in three phases, spanning into three years. It has rooms with en suite bathrooms, a big suite on two levels and two swimming pools.

Inspiration was drawn from Cycladic architecture and each room was approached as a unique design challenge.


Each individual room becomes a small ‘cosmos’ where traditional built furniture, wall recesses and ivory screed finishes juxtapose with the serenity of the frosted glass surfaces.


Hotel refurbishment




2016 - 2019

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