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down the alley,

a makeover


design + site supervision:  

Artemis Theodoridi

The apartment is situated on the ground floor of a typical Athenian block of flats, built in 1974 and it is 70 sq.m. big.


A pedestrian steep road gives main access to the flat, while a secondary access is provided, through the common backyard of the building, to the kitchen of the flat. No further interventions were required in terms of the layout of the flat, since on one hand the flat is naturally lit and ventilated and on the other hand the original architectural plan was satisfactory for the client's needs.


However, the client needed a thorough renovated and modern space in terms of all the services of the flat, the furnishing, the floors and the lighting. The bathroom and the kitchen were fully refurbished, while specific building works in the kitchen gave access to the skylight through the bathroom's window, excluding it from the flat's kitchen space.

Moreover the original interior and exterior window frames were maintained, while new ceramic tiles were placed in the backyard veranda space. The interior and the exterior walls were repainted, while new custom made bookcases were designed and constructed to host the extensive client's book collection.







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