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room 18


design : FAOS architects

European architectural competition for the design of a typical hotel room in a Metropolis.

The proposal was ranked among the 100 best proposals while it was included in the following exhibition:

"The Garden of Hydroponics"

The sleeping room is defined as the hospitable field for the physical and mental relaxation of the traveler, as well as his information point about the particulars of the place he is visiting.

The designed sequence of smaller spaces - the steam bath, the sheltered sleeping area and the rest area - offers the traveler a sense of pure comfort and well-being and aims to his gradual purification from the pollutants of the urban environment. Our basic design "assistants" were modern technology (3d printing and hydroponics) but also, local craftsmen, their materials and working methods (textile, pottery).

The room is purified through a natural filtration system - the Hydroponics Garden. This individual type of garden is set on the walls of the room, where Greek herbs and medicinal plants that absorb the chemical toxins of the air are cultivated in specially designed vessels, according to the principles of hydroponics. The traveler now has a verdant refuge to enjoy moments of relaxation in a detoxified microclimate of tranquility, made of natural materials - cotton fabrics, wooden and marble surfaces.


Hotel Room




June 2016

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