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design + site supervision:  

Artemis Theodoridi

The client is a multifunctional company whose brief was about designing a new space that would allow the fluid coexistence and smooth operation of its multiple activities in the shell of the original apartment - exhibition spaces for applied arts, sculptures and jewellery, seminars for children and finally, work and sales spaces.


Our goal was to achieve the complete modernization of the apartment and the maximization of the useful surface of the workplace and exhibition space, in the context of the not very favourable given, narrow internal layout of the apartment. To achieve this complex program, we preserved some typical features of the apartment (floors, openings) and we designed continuous, flexible work and exhibition spaces defined by interior partitions - sliding glass panels and new partition walls in an asymmetric layout - while custom made furniture were designed and constructed. The gallery and workplaces are 200 sq.m big.

photo credits: Antonakis Hristodoulou


New gallery





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