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“Science & Society” - “200 Years since the Greek Revolution”

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Participation in the emblematic action: “Science & Society” - “200 Years since the Greek Revolution”, funded by the H.F.R.I. (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation). The aim of this action is to highlight various aspects of the Greek Revolution of 1821, through innovative approaches.

Artemis Theodoridi joined, as a set and costume designer, the group led by Manthos Santorinios (Professor of the School of Fine Arts in the postgraduate course: "Art Virtual Reality & Multi-User systems of Artistic Expression") and Mania Papadimitriou (actress and director). This group will present in the framework of the above mentioned action, the proposal entitled: "Helping the Revolution, supporting the creation of a Greek state. From the unknown stories of 1821 - A complex creation: Theatrical performance - virtual reality - visual installation of digital files". It is a complex project that deals with how a revolution begins, the "awakening" of those involved and its system of organization. It is based on academic research - on the dissertation by Professor Ioannis Kokkonas on Petros Skylitzis-Homeridis (1784-1872) - a member of the Friendly Society from Smyrna who donated all his fortune to the Greek Revolution of 1821 - and on the dissertation by Professor Nikos Rotzokos: "Political and socio-cultural conflicts in the Greek Revolution of 1821: the prominent people of the Peloponnese" and more specifically the Deligiannis family.

For the implementation of this visual installation, digital media will be used framing a multi-spectacle of virtual and audio environment in which actors and musicians will narrate and act in order to approach the Greek Revolution of 1821. This environment includes live narration, theater, virtual reality even video-games.

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